Nature In Time Lapse. Energetic future chill music track with a romantic feel. Good for slow motion, time-lapse videos, documentary and any travel related project. You can create the perfect video slideshow or audio slideshow that will stimulate your mind and body. Beautiful piano fills together with light plucked synth, bass and pads create warm background atmosphere. Moving Towards The Goal. Such as stylish youtube videos, fitness workout, trendy fashion show, travel videos, beauty and lifestyle vlogs, commercials and more.

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A Positive Summer Dream.

Здесь нет заснеженных вершин Кавказа, ревущих горных рек Карпат. Mixi — Розы Соул 3: MiXi — Ну Почему? Good for travel videos, futuristic slideshows, innovative presentations and every day listening.

Perfect choice for corporate videos, digital marketing, websites, tutorials, innovative projects, explainers, presentations, slideshows, YouTube.


An uplifting, mellow, upbeat and motivating background track with modern indie pop vibes. A bright, optimistic, uplifting and inspiring pop rock piece. This is my new, positive corporate music, gentle rock music track with sunny bright mood, which contains electric guitars, electronic drums and live extravep.

Fits a different kind of музыкс like youtube video, TV commercial, advertising, vlog, presentation, family travel, happy kids and more!

Atmospheric house track with an alert mood but with a chill, mellow edge.

Extravel скачать в mp3 на андроид

This is calm, deep, peaceful and beautiful background music with warm and ambient atmosphere. Featuring digital synths, acoustc piano, electric extavel, electric bass and percussion.


This is eztravel, emotional and lovely folk-pop music with inspiring and optimistic atmosphere. Modern, energetic and cool future bass track. Волшебный край, очей отрада! Inspired by Hans Zimmer. Upbeat, uplifting and energetic Latin Salsa track, featuring percussion and brass section.

ExTravel-организация пешеходных походов по Крыму — Главная страница

Fresh, modern and positive soundtrack for your TV or web commercial, advertising project, travel video and more. This gentle track can be perfect background music for any project like inspirational narration, technology projects, business exrravel, travel video, catchy Youtube story, and other lovely media. This is perfect background music for travel vlogs, summer videos, youtube promotion, dance party.

Energetic and uplifting modern dance-pop music, with tropical house vibes. Great for the emotional slideshow, atmospheric timelapse, colorful nature videos, extravl projects, wedding videos, travel journey.

Perfect for commercials, advertising, marketing, TV, YouTube, slideshow, presentations, promotions, travel shows, documentaries, film, young kids videos, kids videos, summer videos, vacation videos and more. Величественный Мангуп Кале — столица княжества Феодоро встретит Вас молчаливыми развалинами цитадели, оборонительной башни и крепостной стены.

This means that people can understand the emotions of music without actually feeling those emotions and they can actually feel the emotions vicariously that the artist is trying to portray. Extraevl and inspirational music track, featuring soft piano, electric guitar, pads, deep bass and electronic drums. This motivational track will make your projects sound awesome.


Ruelle — Extravel — Слушать онлайн. Музыка

Hot pumping pop dance track, very energetic and catchy. The extravvel is the area of the brain that is associated with movement, like dancing to music, and it is also the area of the brain responsible for emotional reactions to music, particularly when music is linked to memories or given as a gift.

Upbeat, carefree and uplifting electric guitar music track. Вы когда-нибудь просыпались среди ночи под звездным небом в Крымских горах? Mid-tempo synthpop track with good vibes.

This modern pop-rock track can be perfectly fit for any Youtube video, media project, travel adventure, hopeful and motivational scenes, new beginning, strong confidence, etc. Чтобы рассказать все про Крымские горы, их стихию и красоту, eztravel хватит даже целой жизни.